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Stone Kitchen Backsplash: Timeless Tiles

Surely, you know how food and grease leaps off the frying pan onto your old wall. Years or even just months of this would give you a kitchen wall that screams 'upgrade needed'. In cases where you do not need to tear the walls off or do anything drastic, what you can do is install stone kitchen backsplash.

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You might be wondering, why a stone kitchen backsplash? Fans of other materials will rave about their tile's good points, but the truth is, they can hardly rival the opulence of natural stone. Stone has been used by early Greeks and Romans to make themselves grand living quarters -- and you can be sure it's not out of the lack of other options. Stone looks good in mega projects, and it would look just as awesome in that little nook where you deal with your pots and pans.

The good news is that with a stone backsplash, you actually have a lot of options. Just because stone tiles are made out of tapping into natural sources doesn't mean the options are any less diverse, or innovative. You can choose among granite, slate, marble, limestone and tumbled stone.

Granite is a top player when the issue is durability. It has a solid exterior and has proven itself time and time again as a natural stone that can withstand the ravages of, well, time. Plus when it is adequately sealed, you can be sure you will enjoy seeing it on your counter area for a long time. Now if you want something that is scratch and stain resistant, you can go for limestone instead, although virtually all backsplash that are made from stone are like that.

kitchen backsplash ideas Slate is one material that people flock to whenever they are in need of something available in a wide array of colors. It also boasts of a non-skid exterior. When it comes to the looks department though, not much can really come close to marble. It is a highly polished stone that can be intricately detailed; hence it has been a material of choice when it comes to creating sculptures.

Now, if you want the so-called best of both worlds, you can have marble or limestone tumbled and cut, and then combined with granite countertops. How's that for a mean combination? Indeed, stone kitchen backsplash is the way to go when you want unparalleled lavishness without going over the top.

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