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Successful Small Kitchen Remodel - The Correct Layout is the Key

A small kitchen remodel project can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time.... having a small space to work with might help you out budget wise, but you have to be even more inventive to make sure you get everything you want into the smaller space.  The smaller space will help make the project more manageable though....

small kitchen remodel



So.... now we think about the layout.... most small kitchens are rectangle in shape, so you want to choose the best layout to take advantage of the available space... such as the U-shape, the L-shape, the one wall, and the galley layouts.  The one-wall layout allows movement though the kitchen with no other obstructions - everything is laid out on one wall.... the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink.... The L-shape layout will give you a little more cabinet and counter top space - this layout is also referred to as the "classic triangle" placing the refrigerator and the stove at a right angle with the sink in the middle.


small rectangle kitchen


When choosing the best layout for your small kitchen remodel, you need to also think about what you want to have in your kitchen.  If storage is most important, you will need additional cabinet apace.  What about counter top space - you will gain a little more by choosing a single sink as opposed to a double sink... Spend some time thinking about this design aspect it is of the utmost importance.



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