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Kitchen sinks are probably the one thing in the that you will use most often, yet they usually end up low priority in any remodel project because they are purely functional. Make sure that you give due attention to the type of sink you will get when renovating your kitchen..... it can really add a lot to your home!

The most common materials for sinks are stainless steel, porcelain, solid-surface materials and acrylic; each of these has its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

The things to consider when selecting a sink are material, shape and mounting style.

Stainless steel are easily to clean and mount, but scratch easily, amplify the sounds of the garbage disposal and running water and can dent when heavy objects such as cast-iron pots are dropped on them. Porcelain are actually just a porcelain coating over a base of metal such as cast iron; like ones stainless steel, they can also stain and chip. Acrylic kitchen sinks, unlike the first two types, do resist stains and can even have ‘germ-fighting’ properties; however, they are less resistant to heat than other materials.

round kitchen sinks


There are many design options when selecting the shape of your sinks. The most common shape is the double-bowl design, although recently, a three-bowl shape has become popular – two large bowls for daily use and a third, smaller, one for the garbage disposal. You will also see ones that are extra-deep for more flexibility in function, i.e. giving your baby a bath.

 Finally, options for mounting your sink are above the countertop, below its surface or level with it. Top-mounted sinks are easier to install, but because the sink has a lip that rests on the counter, cleaning stains is more difficult; under-mounted sinks, on the other hand, are time-consuming to install, but may be worth the trouble as cleaning is easier and their look is easier to integrate with the rest of the room.

We offer more in-depth information on the following types of sinks....


Bronze is an elegant color, but it can also make your kitchen look rustic.... depending on the cabinets and countertops you choose.  Take a look at our Bronze sink ideas to help you decide if this is the way to go with your own remodel.

bronze kitchen sink



Antique sinks would look good in a country themed kitchen, or one that has a a rustic design.  The rough, used look makes a kitchen look authentic! We offer some additional information on this type of sink in the Antique section.


antique kitchen sink



An outdoor sink will be made a little thicker and sturdier than one that will be used inside.  The installation hardware will also be rust resistant.  See our outdoor section for more sink ideas.



Deep sinks are especially nice in a kitchen that sees a lot of cooking!  Imagine a sink deep enough to rinse and drain all of the vegetables you are preparing for a homemade vegetable soup!  Check out our deep sink section for more info...


deep kitchen sink



An acrylic sink comes in many different colors.... red, blue, green.... just imagine it, and they probably make it... If you are looking to add some flair to your kitchen check out these sinks.



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