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Kitchen Lighting Ideas - Balancing Function and Style

You need to start looking at kitchen lighting ideas when you start your remodel planning... You can can pick the colors for you fixtures later, but the remodel will come together better if you incorporate the light planning into the entire package...

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a  remodel. Proper light should ensure not only that you have enough light to see what you are doing, but also that your kitchen looks welcoming and attractive. There are four types of light to consider when looking for kitchen lighting ideas – task or utilitarian light for specific tasks, accent lights that highlights particular working areas, ambient or general light for the entire room, and decorative light that has no particular function but is part of the overall design of the room. When you design, you’ll have to incorporate one or more of these kinds of lighting.

Kitchen Light Design

Careful planning is essential when designing kitchen light. First you have to look at the layout and decide what type of light to use in which area. For example, in which areas will you be doing the most tasks? Will you be dining? For the stove and countertops, for example, bright task lighting using fluorescent tubes is recommended. For the island, where you will be eating, softer light can be used. Ambient light is also important in order to make the space look brighter and avoid shadowy areas.

kitchen lighting ideas


Ceiling and Recessed Lighting

Kitchen lighting ideas for your ceiling - especially with you have a large kitchen can be daunting... one great idea is recessed lighting in addition to the other light fixtures that you may have in the room already.  The photo below shows a large room using recessed lights very well.


kitchen lighting ideas


Light Fixtures

Once you’ve taken care of your utilitarian light needs, you can add some dimension to your kitchen with decorative and accent lights. To illustrate, you can place lights inside a glass cabinet to illuminate glassware and china. You can also install decorative fixtures such as wrought iron lamps and candle stands. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it during your remodel, since too much decorative light can make your kitchen look cluttered and busy. Remember that the basic principle in kitchen lighting ideas is to find the balance between functional lighting and lighting for style. See more in our lighting fixture section.


kitchen lighting ideas



Track Lights

Kitchen track lights are a classic... definitely something to consider when you are looking for a light option for your island area.  There are many different options to consider... from classic chrome to brightly colored glass light globes.  You can install track lights above an island or above a sink.  the flat variety can also be placed under the cabinets to create a backlit effect.


kitchen track lighting


Other light resources...

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