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Kitchen Island Ideas - Just the right touch to expand your workspace

Do you like having company over? Do your guests like coming over? If you donít want to answer these questions in the negative, you would probably need a kitchen island. An island is great for entertaining. You can use it as a showcase, so next time an informal gathering is set up; you wouldnít have to worry about setting up some grand buffet. Entertaining would not have to be a pain in the neck.

An island is a great add-on, especially for people who do a lot of entertaining. Here are some kitchen island ideas that might help you avoid island-related glitches.






kitchen island ideas




Optimum Space Use

Your islandís function is not limited to food preparation and dining. One of the kitchen island ideas that most people emphasize on is maximizing space utility. You can utilize the space underneath the countertop by adding shelves where you can put your books and magazines and hooks for pots and pans. If it has considerable height, you can even put in a compartment for a TV.


Most people make the mistake of not installing plumbing in their island. If you are going to use the counter top for preparing food, having a nearby sink would make things easier and tidier.

Ventilation hood

If your island has a cooktop, you need to install an exhaust hood, otherwise you would have to endure the smell of smoke and other strong odors that would ruin an otherwise great ambience.

Lighting and Lighting Fixtures

Make sure that your island gets ample natural lighting by daytime. This is dictated by the general lighting condition of your home. However, at nighttime, where most get-togethers happen, itís an altogether different story. A fluorescent bulb can provide enough illumination for your island. However, if you invested on one with focal point prospects (read: fine-looking), why not invest on excellent kitchen island lighting and lighting fixtures as well? You can look at online shops to choose from a wide range of options Ė from pendant lighting to track lighting.

You also have to think about the lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures has to complement your kitchenís style or scheme as well. For example if you have a modern kitchen, you might want to stainless steel. If your kitchen is somewhat Victorian, you might need fixtures of intricate metal works.

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