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Kitchen Faucets - A Wide Variety of Design Choices

Selecting kitchen faucets can one of the most exciting parts of your Kitchen Remodel project, given the sheer variety of design choices available to you. But before considering styles and finishes, you first have to consider the basics – what type will you get? The three types are single-handle, double-handle and pullout spray. A single-handled one uses only one faucet to manipulate the water temperature while a double-handled one has two separate controls for hot or cold water. A pullout spray faucet can have one or two handles, but features a pullout sprayer in the spout head that is handy for many uses including cleaning the sink and washing fruits and vegetables. A side-mounted sprayer can also easily be added to any existing set-up by adding another hole in the sink to install it.

Once you’ve settled on the type that you want, you can address other features such as the arc and the height of the spout. Traditionally, spouts have been nearly horizontal, but more recent styles feature arched spouts that can be as high as a foot above the counter. But while these may look more attractive, they may also have a limited reach across the sink basin, although this problem can be alleviated with a pullout sprayer.

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Finally, once you’ve settled the issue of functionality, you can consider the style and finish of kitchen faucets that you will use. Make sure that the style matches that of the rest of your kitchen; for example, if the room has a contemporary look, make sure the faucets are also in a contemporary style. Options for finishes include brushed nickel, brass, bronze and copper.

Here are some ideas to help you choose the best kitchen faucets for your kitchen....

Pull Down Faucet

A pull down is another name for a faucet that has a pull out spray handle.  These faucets are extremely convenient, and very elegant looking.  In most designs today, it is difficult to even see that it has a sprayer attached at all.


Single Handle Faucet

A single handle is simply one that has a single handle control for both the hot and cold water.  The faucet pictured above is a pull down and a single handle.  This type is very modern looking and usually comes in a variety of colors.


Black, White, or Bronze - which color to choose

Depending on the color scheme and design that you choose for your kitchen, you will also have a choice of colors for your kitchen faucets!


Brushed Nickel

Brushed Nickel is a classic finish for faucets.  These match just about any decor and design.  Just about any type of faucet on the market today will have brushed nickel as a finish choice..... so you will have many choices to pick from.


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