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Kitchen Cabinets - Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen cabinets can one of the most important parts of of coming up with your kitchen remodel ideas, but are also the most expensive to pull off; the cabinet can account for 40% to 50% of the total bill for remodeling. So, if you decide that replacing your them are the way you want to proceed,  you need to select your them carefully, to ensure that you wonít make any design mistakes that would be more costly to correct later on.




The first thing to consider when selecting cabinets is the amount of space you have, since this would determine the size of the ones you can get. Also make a list of the features you want in your cabinet, such as glass doors and hardware such as cabinet pulls and knobs. Then make up a rough budget for your renovation project so youíll know what you can afford. The amount of money you can spend on cabinets will also determine what kind you can get; there are three types  Ė the stock cabinet with standard sizes and shapes, semi-custom with more design options and custom, which are expensive but will provide you with a lot of design flexibility.

But if your budget is limited, there are alternatives for getting inexpensive cabinets that wonít burn a hole in your pocket. One option is to get medium density fiberboard cabinets rather than those made of real wood; however, MDF cabinets are substantially less durable than wood and will eventually sag and warp. You can also choose to get basic wood cabinets that are functional but donít have most of the special features that drive up the price. Finally, you can get them from unbranded or less familiar cabinet makers whose work is just as good as those of name brand manufacturers. These tips will ensure that your DIY kitchen remodel remains affordable.


Contemporary and Modern Cabinets

Contemporary cabinets come in various colors and can make your kitchen look upscale and ultra-modern.  These cabinets will have rounded corners and slim-line pulls.


kitchen cabinets


Discount Cabinets

Discount Cabinets can be found at many close-out stores most areas.  Check out the specials that they offer, and you might find something that you fit in with your design and remodel.


inexpensive kitchen cabinets


Storage Cabinets and Organizers

If you have a smaller kitchen, you will especially want to take a look at some kitchen storage shelves or organizers.  These shelving units come in many shapes and sizes, and can add some very needed space to your kitchen.  Organizers can be placed in cabinets and drawers and to help add space.


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Once your kitchen cabinet purchase and choice is complete, check here for easy kitchen decorating ideas.

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