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Simple Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Here are some simple kitchen backsplash ideas to perk up your kitchen, but also not over power the kitchen with excess.  The kitchen backsplash material most used is tile, but the tile you choose for the back splash can change the appearance of the kitchen.... Other materials to consider are stainless steel for a simple yet elegant look, stacked stone for a rustic look, and glass tile to add a splash of color to the kitchen decor.


So, how do you choose what material to use for your backsplash?  Well... take a look at the color scheme of your kitchen, and then try to decide whether you want one that is contrasting, or complementary.  There really are no rules!  Below, we provide a few simple ideas for you to consider....


Tile Designs

The tile used in the back splash below is a glossy black tile.... it gives an interesting appearance as the black is a contrast to the white in the rest of the room.  This choice of color gives the kitchen an elegant appeal.  The unique cook hood is an excellent addition to this kitchen design, as it helps make the black tile look even more bold!


kitchen backsplash ideas



Backsplash Designs

The back splash shown below coordinates with the color of the cabinets in the kitchen giving a warm look.  The coordinating color can be of the same material as the rest of the backsplash, or to shake up the room, it can be a completely different material.... your choice [read more]!


kitchen backsplash ideas


Easy Ideas

Simple kitchen backsplash ideas can also include the more elegant tile with inlaid patterns that is shown in the photo below.  The dark colors and the under-cabinet lighting give the room a warm and cozy feel.


kitchen backsplash ideas



Another interesting backsplash idea is the mosaic stone pattern inside a tile frame.  Once again, the stones or tile for the mosaic can be contrasting or complementary to the surrounding tile and cabinets... your choice [read more]!


kitchen backsplash ideas


Stacked stone is another cool backsplash idea - when complete, this backsplash will give the room a rustic, homey feel.  The stacked stone being installed here complement the surrounding tile, but the surrounding tile can be any color at all.... your choice!


kitchen backsplash ideas



Glass tile can give a more colorful and open look.  If you have a white based color scheme in your kitchen, adding a splash of color in the backsplash will really make the kitchen - decor could then be matched to the glass tiles.


kitchen backsplash ideas


Stainless Steel

The stainless steel backsplash in the photo below offsets and brings out the natural wood color of the cabinets..... This backsplash idea gives a clean, glowing look.  Stainless steel will be really easy to keep clean... so, this is just one of the reasons to consider this material.

kitchen backsplash ideas

No matter what material you end up choosing for your kitchen backsplash, take the time to explore ideas so that you make the best choice for the way that you want your kitchen to look when the remodel is complete.  The list on the right lists all of our backslash ideas.

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