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Kitchen Accessories - the perfect finish for your remodel

There are a wide range of kitchen accessories available for your remodel project, ranging from cooking equipment to various types of gadgets. The most essential tools are sharp knives in various sizes, silicone spatulas and spoons for use in food preparation, cutting mats for chopping and dicing food, basic cookware such as a fry pan and a sauce pan, measuring spoons and cups, assorted sizes of mixing bowls, a vegetable peeler and a grater. If you do a lot of baking you should also have a silicone baking mat, that has a non-stick surface and which you can put into the oven to make cooking and cleaning easier. When you have these things in your kitchen, you can prepare and serve most types of simple dishes.


kitchen timers


These kitchen accessories are not really essential but they do help make preparing food easier and so you might also consider getting them. A zester is a form of grater that you use to remove the colored part of fruit peels without the bitter white pith; the resulting zest can be used in baking citrus pastries as well as for salad dressing and various rice and vegetable dishes. If you use a lot of fresh olives or cherries in your cooking, you will also appreciate a cherry pitter that will easily remove their pits. Vegetarians or weight watchers will love a salad spinner that easily dries salad greens while also doubling as a serving bowl.

Once you have all your accessories, you will have to organize them so you can find them easily when you need them. Place items with similar functions near each other. Save space by using storage solutions such as hanging racks, magnetic strips for knives and wire racks. And to add some style, place jars filled with herbs and various canisters on the countertop. The carefully planned display of kitchen accessories is the perfect finish for your remodel.

The ideas below are just a few ideas for accessories that you can add to help complete your remodel or redesign...



Timers can be as plain or as decorative as you would like then to be.  The cute tomato timer shown at the top of the page is just one example of a decorative timer.  Another example is the one below which may be a little more functional... even if a little boring.




Clocks can create a mood in the kitchen... they can add color, or can be fun to look at... but most of all, they are functional!

kitchen clocks



Small Microwave Ovens

Kitchens that are smaller in size might need a small microwave oven that can be placed on the counter, or on a small shelf.


Free Shipping. Oster 1.4 Cubic-foot Digital Microwave Oven


Storage Solutions and Organizers

We have a vast array of  Kitchen organizers chosen and reviewed on the site to help you straighten out all of  the kitchen accessories and other things that can clutter a kitchen... Below is a small sample of some organizers....


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