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Easy Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

There are several easy kitchen backsplash ideas that you can do yourself without spending a fortune. Painting your own kitchen backsplash, or using simple peel and stick tiles or pre-made wall panels can make the do it yourself kitchen backsplash an easy task.

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Painting is one of the best and easiest do it yourself kitchen backsplash idea. By using different color you can just mix and match it with the shade of your cabinets and appliances. When painting, you can either use dark colors to make a huge impact or the other way around. If your kitchen is filled with cabinets and counters, with not a lot of space, the use of a painted backsplash will add a little to the mix of metal and wood. You can also spice up the painted kitchen backsplash by adding sponging effects….. just make it your own!

Vinyl wall tiles are another way to create a kitchen backsplash yourself. The vinyl tiles are inexpensive and easy to install… peel and stick. Vinyl tiles are available at all major home supply stores.

Pre-made metal backsplash panels are another way to build a kitchen backsplash. These tiles are easy to install and will give your kitchen a unique look.  The panels are available in multiple colors, tones, and textures.... from metallic copper to brushed nickel.

There are a lot of things that you can do yourself  to create a kitchen backsplash. These ideas are very convenient to install and will give your kitchen the perfect freshness and style it deserves.  

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