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Country Kitchens - How to Create the Look

Country kitchens designs have become popular in recent years among those who are undertaking DIY kitchen remodel projects, because of the way they evoke a relaxed country lifestyle. Such designs are usually inspired by Southern farm houses and have such homey features as flowers and fruits hanging from suspended baskets and hand-painted decorations. To find inspiration for your country design, visit farmers’ markets where locally-made arts and crafts are sold. You can use these pieces as part of the décor for your kitchen as well as getting design ideas from them.

country kitchenCountry kitchens are usually spacious, but you can create the look in smaller kitchens as well.  They usually have hardwood floor paneling to create a rural look.  The color scheme for this design will normally emphasize earth colors such as rust red and brown.  Tables for the kitchen island should be round or oval with wooden chairs to match, although a rectangular wood grain table looks great as well. A hanging utensil rack is also usually suspended in kitchens, from which pots, pans and spices are hung. To further add atmosphere, look for accessories at garage sales such as wooden clocks and old-fashioned mugs. You might also want to have spice racks on the kitchen counter, as well as jars for flour and cookies, to further evoke a rustic atmosphere.

Here are some more specific ways to create the country look....

Ideas and Design

Sometimes all you need to get you started are some great ideas and information about design.... We offer you some interesting country ideas and photos to help you come up with some ways to design your kitchen!


country kitchen ideas



The way you choose to light your country kitchen is a matter of choice... most have subdued lighting, but a good set of island lights can light up a workspace nicely in any kitchen setting. Remember, remodel of kitchens can be as simple as changing up the lighting...




Decor will be one of the best ways to set up themed country kitchens.... You will be amazed at what you can find just by visiting some flea markets or estate sales around your hometown area.... and add some spice to your remodel!


country kitchen decor



Cabinets that are a part of your country themed design can be white, brown, or a polished wood cabinet.... Based on the design  you have chosen, spend a little time deciding on the best color cabinet for your room...


white kitchen cabinets



The country table is a mainstay in this themed room... the larger and more rustic the better. 


country kitchen table


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