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What's the Average Cost of Kitchen Remodel

There are several approaches you can take to remodel your kitchen.  The approach you take will determine the cost of the kitchen remodel.  Remember too, that a renovation does not have to be done all at once as well.  A phased approach sometimes is the easiest and most cost effective way to approach it.

Here, I'll detail a little about all of the different options for a renovation, and give some rough estimates about the cost of each one.

Simple Option  |  Mid-Range Option  |  Full Option  |  Phased Approach

Simple Changes

If you have a limited budget, yet still want to make some noticeable aesthetic changes, there are many simple things that you can do.....

  • A new coat of paint
  • A change to your backsplash
  • Clean or re-face your cabinets
  • Change the Faucet in your sink to a more elegant model
  • Re-do the floor
  • Change the decor

Now, some of the ideas above will also fall into the phased approach that I will talk about later, but you see what I mean.  Sometimes small changes make a huge difference.

The average cost for some simple changes will usually fall into the $250 to $1000 price range depending on the size of your kitchen.

inexpensive kitchen remodel

Middle of the Road Changes

There are many things that you can do to renovate and spruce up the look without a full out remodel.  You may have a little more money to spend, but not enough for a full blown renovation... or you may not need a full remodel.

For example, adding new countertops, sinks, and a new backsplash may be all that you need to change.  This in itself is a pretty major under-taking, and maybe that's all you need to take on at one time.

Another option might be to replace all of the appliances... choosing to upgrade to a new color scheme.  Having the appliances match each other can have a dramatic effect.

There are just too many options to list everything here, but you get the idea...

The average cost of this type of kitchen remodel.... $1,000 to $20,000.... once again depending upon the size of your kitchen and the amount of the work you are going to do yourself.

Full Remodel

For a full blown renovation, you are going to re-do everything...

  • new cabinets (or re-face the current ones)
  • new flooring
  • new lighting
  • new appliances (or part of the appliances)
  • Maybe the addition of an island

There are other things that you may add as well - such as furniture for the island, or a breakfast nook with a small table and chairs.  There are just too many factors to give an overall average cost of kitchen remodel with any guarantee.

You can reduce the cost of a full remodel if you do some of the work yourself, or at least do your own sub-contracting (ie. find someone to do the floors, and the counter tops yourself instead of using a full service contractor).  With that being said, a full renovation can cost from $20,000 to $30,000.  If you choose to have a full service contractor handle everything and change the layout of the kitchen as well, your costs could run into the $50,000 range.

Phased Remodel Approach

What the heck is a phased approach to kitchen remodeling?

It may make sense if you can work slowly to get the kitchen look that you want!  Slowly - one step at a time...

This is something that My husband and I have been doing in our own kitchen.  When we bought out house many years ago, the kitchen had been recently remodeled, but after about 10 years, there were things that simply needed updating.  One year we changed the flooring from linoleum to ceramic tile.  The next year, we added new granite countertops.  the year after that, we tiled the backsplash area and re-painted the whole room.  Throughout that time, we are slowly moving our appliances to a stainless steel - when we need to replace one... this keeps the cost down.

You get the idea.... each year we paid to have the update portion done, and were not out a huge amount of money at any one time.

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