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Butcher Block Kitchen Islands - A built in cutting surface

Among the different functional items that you can add to your kitchen, butcher block kitchen islands should be your priority. There is a wide variety of  island options that you can choose from, the most popular of which is the countertop island style. The blocks that are usually used to produce this implement usually uses hardwood, which makes it very durable. When it comes to functionality and use, a butcher block kitchen island should be your foremost choice for your design.

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Butcher block islands come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from thin small ones to heavy-duty vast countertops. Even better, the surface of this addition is usually covered with a natural oil finish, which makes it safe for food contact. Most designs are also covered with a semi-glossy finish that will add a polished look. Even better, butcher block kitchen islands usually come in easy to clean designs, which make cleaning up after food preparation a breeze.



A variety of other implements are also incorporated into the designs, thereby minimizing the need to clutter your room with appliances like knife racks, towel bars, dishwashers, and the like. Because of this, you will have more space available for bigger appliances. Butcher block islands do not only save you space, it also helps you conceal unsightly items like trash and compost bins. Compartments are usually airtight, so you would not have to worry about the unpleasant smell leaking out towards the rest of your kitchen.



butcher block kitchen islandsBuilt in countertop surfaces also often come in different colors, which you can mix and match for the butcher block islands to fit the theme of your room. Countertops are often scratch and stain resistant, which makes them ideal for chopping up fruits, vegetables, and meat.

When you choose the type and design of the butcher block islands that you will install, make sure that you take the rest of the area into consideration. Refrain from buying an island that is too big. Doing so will not give the whole area a cluttered look; it will also minimize the space on which you can move around. Make sure that you stick to islands that are of the right size, so that you will still be able to use the rest of your room as efficiently as possible.

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