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Brick Kitchen Backsplash - Some design ideas

We all want our kitchen areas to look as nice and cozy as possible, despite (or maybe because) of its being a purely functional instead of a recreational room. If you are going to be spending an awful lot of time in the kitchen, it would be nice to have one that wouldn't be a pain to look at, right? Having a nice-looking kitchen also means you won't have to find ways to lure friends or relatives away from the kitchen. One surefire way to get a distinctive-looking cooking area is the installation of brick kitchen backsplash.

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A brick backsplash is one inexpensive option that has never compromised attractiveness. If you have noticed, most coffee shops and other establishments have brick veneer installed in the façade of their buildings and with good reason; brick can easily lend a distinctive feel to any wall, including your kitchen's. What's good about brick is that it has a non-adhesive surface so you don't have to worry much about stains, although you still have to clean up after them, just like you would with any surface.


If your house has that 'country look', there isn't much dilemma. Brick kitchen backsplash will win the competition hands down as it will complete that look. Most people would go for the red brick look; but if you are adventurous enough, or if it will complement your kitchen's theme, you can always go for beige, brown, green and black hues.

brick kitchen backsplash


If you have a modern kitchen, you can still use a brick  backsplash. All you need to do is choose those which have colors that would complement the over-all scheme of things. If your kitchen needs bricks in lighter hues, instead of the color-rich hues that they usually come in, then you can go for whitewashing, just use hydrated lime and table salt which you can easily find in a hardware store. You won't need much anyway since backsplash areas aren’t that huge.

You can also add a personal touch to your brick kitchen backsplash by spray painting. Some people also apply acrylic paint with a brush, especially when they are working on faux bricks. Faux bricks are, incidentally, a good option for those on a budget. They won't be overly expensive as other materials and they are very easy to install, you won't need to hire anyone to do it. They are also lightweight, unlike stone and ceramic so you won't need to do much lifting, or hire anyone to do the lifting.

These brick kitchen backsplash ideas are just for starters. With material as versatile and easy to install as bricks, you won't have much problems unleashing your creativity upon your kitchen walls.

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