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Let Angie's List Help you find the help you need to complete that perfect Kitchen Remodel

If you are considering professional help with your  kitchen remodel project, Angie's List offers unbiased reviews of local contractors / professionals in your local area.



What is Angies List

Angie's List is where thousands of consumers share their ratings and reviews on the local contractors and service companies they hire.  Angie takes the "ask your neighbor" approach to a higher level, putting reliable, unbiased information on local companies at the fingertips of consumers in major cities across the country.

How does it work?

Angie's List is a membership site offering monthly or yearly memberships. Not only can members find out which companies were rated highest by other consumers, they also get detailed comments and reviews.

Membership comes with unlimited access to the site and a subscription to our magazine, which includes stories, tips and information on home and consumer topics. Members also have access to the Angie's List complaint resolution service.

What can it do for You?

Customer Reviews say it all.....

"I have long bemoaned the lack of "consumer reports" for contractors - single referrals do not always work out, so it is nice to read several reviews." - Arpan R., Royal Oak, MI

"I can now choose contractors with confidence, even when the service in question is dauntingly unfamiliar." - Kathleen S., Chicago

"With Angie's List, it's like I have thousands of friends and neighbors to talk to for information." - Mark A., Woodbury, MN

***Special Note***

Angie's List is branching out to all area's of the US.  Some areas are new to the list, and as a special promotion, a free 1 year membership is being offered..... this does not apply to all areas, but it is worth checking out...

Try Angie's List!

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