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About DIY Kitchen Remodel

A Practical Approach to Kitchen Remodeling

DIY Kitchen Remodel is not owned by a large corporation or a big big home redecorating chain. DIY Kitchen Remodel is written for the average homeowner who is looking for budget ideas for kitchen makeovers that may be as simple as a new coat of paint and adding new cabinet doors to existing cabinets.

At this point in time, can you afford to completely makeover your entire kitchen?  If not, there are things that you can do that can completely change the look of the room, yet not cost you an arm and a leg..... we will give yo uideas on a phased appraoch to your kitchen remodel. 

If you can afford a complete kitchen makeover form top to bottom, then we can give you ideas and inspiration to make the most of the money that you do have to spend.

Don't let the DIY scare your

Throughout the site, we mention DIY Kitchen Remodel, and Do it yourself kitchen makeovers!  This doesn't mean that you have to completely do the entire remodel yourself.  Sometimes a DIY project means doing all of the planning yourself, and then getting help where you need it. 

You might be able to do everything yourself.... that's great.... hopefully you will find inspiration here to go ahead and get the job done!

Who We Are

We are a family who tries to approach home improvement and remodeling from a practical stand-point. 

I am Teresa - I am the narrator of the site, and will give tips and thoughts as you read.  I am a home-owner who does not have unlimited funds to do complete home remodel projects all the time.  My family and I usually take the phased approach to upgrading our home... one step at a time... doing one project at a time, getting help where we need it.

We will share with you how we approach our remodel projects, and some of the things we have learned over the years.


How This Site Can Help You

We have pulled together not only informative articles and some how-to guides, but we also have a section on the site for you to ask questions about your bathroom remodel problems and get "how-to" help while you are deciding on a way to approach your remodel or while you are in the midst of your remodel.

Contact Us

We do have a Contact Us page for you to use to drop us a line....If yo uhave questions, be sure to pop on over and ask.


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