Kitchen Remodel Ideas - a DIY Roadmap

The kitchen remodel ideas that are presented here are all things that you can do to spruce up this very busy room in your home.  The projects may be as simple as sprucing up the cabinets and adding some decor.... or as difficult as a full blown re-make..... you decide as you take a look around.

It is our hope to give you some kitchen remodel ideas here that you can use to take on the project of  your kitchen yourself, or at least do a major portion of it yourself! 

Remodel Topics

You can save money by jumping in and doing some or all of the work yourself... here are the topics we will help you with....


Simple Changes

What about some simple changes that you can make quickly that will give your kitchen that newly remodeled look.... Here are a few simple ideas...


Kitchen Lighting

Changing the lighting in your kitchen can change the room drastically.  Add pendant lighting above the island, or simply replace the main overhead light fixture... what about adding under cabinet lighting? [Read More]


kitchen remodel


Kitchen Decorating

Your project can be a full or a partial remodel..... you can change the colors of the room, move things around..... be creative..... spend a little time here on this site..... let your imagination guide you!  Sometimes, the simplest change can make just the right amount of difference in your home.  Changing your sink, your faucet, or simply re-decorating might be all that is needed.... [Read More]


kitchen remodel


Kitchen Furniture and Accessories

Other kitchen remodel ideas would not entail a full blown remodel... yet give you a nice refreshed look would be looking at your furniture, or simply adding some additional accessories.  This may be all that is necessary to make your kitchen the one of your dreams! [Read More]

Have fun with your changes....


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